MingsBings are now available at:

Now available at:

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Don't see us at your local store? Here are 3 ways to get your hands on Bings:

1) Order online: Our full MingsBings lineup is available at shop.mingsbings.com. Shop from the comfort of your living room and we’ll ship the Bings directly to your front door. Added bonus: in many cases, our new flavors drop here first!

2) Ask your local store: If you’re interested in having MingsBings in your grocery store, just ask your grocery manager to bring them in. Interest shown by customers about new products is a great way to get your favorite products into your local shops

3) Submit a request to us: If you’ve already asked your local grocery store to carry MingsBings (thank you!), just drop us a note HERE and where possible, we’ll reach out to the store directly